Writer and Creator: Patrick Vitagliano

Pat is the creative mind behind Hellvis. He's a crazy bastard with a twisted mind that's perfect for creating this series.

Email: patrick@hellvisonline.com

PENCILs and color: Craig Marier

Craig is a self-taught artist whose has been painting giant black light monsters for the last 7 years, and has recently branched out into comic book art, something that he's always wanted to do. His major comic book art influence is Marc Silvestri. Other passions include collecting action figures and remembering obscure dialog from movies.

Email: craig@hellvisonline.com

INks, Cover and Overlays: Corey Marier

Corey is a talented artist with a unique penchant for breathing life into digital imagery. He's also a superb sketch artist who has been fine-tuning his craft since he was a wee lad drawing comics on his grandmother's floor. He too, creates black light monsters alongside his twin brother, Craig. In his off time, he enjoys video games, and trying to build his own TARDIS.

Email: corey@hellvisonline.com

Archive Alchemist: Kathy Gearon

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Email: kathy@hellvisonline.com

Storyline Contributor: Eric Fontana

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Email: eric@hellvisonline.com

Snarky Geek: Debbie Shaffer

Debbie's main role is to tell everyone that the website will be ready ANY minute now, and then get distracted by shiny things and funny cat pictures. Her aspirations are to own 8 beagles, a drum kit for the bathroom, and an old person. She continues to torment Craig with her butchering of movies quotes, and has been trying to remember the same line from Lethal Weapon for the past 2 years.

Email: debbie@hellvisonline.com